Trip Cost

2020 Basic Trip Costs​


All reservations are booked as either 

Full Trips or Half Trips based on number of people.


Basecamp Backpacking Trips

Full Trip (8-14 people, including leaders): $6,860

Half Trip (2-7 people, including leaders): $3,430

Trailhead Backpacking Trips

Full Trip (7-13 people, including leaders): $5,590

Half Trip (2-6 people, including leaders): $2,640

Lake Powell Houseboat Trips

Full Trip (9-15 people, including leaders): $11,320

Half Trip (2-8 people, including leaders): $6,035

Payment Schedule

Houseboat deposits are due February 1st.​

Backpacking deposits are due April 1st.

Full Trip: $1,000

Half Trip: $500

*Once you have paid your deposit, you are responsible for 100% of the total trip cost.
Dependent upon size of your group and availability of guides, Half Trips may be combined with other Half Trips on the trail.

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