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The Wilderness Ranch Guide Team is made up of 25+ Guides. If you would like to donate to a specific guide, please click on their name below. If you would like us to direct your donation to the guide most in need of funding, please use this link to give to our General Guide Program Fund.  ​
            abby.jpg  alex.jpg  A LITTLE pic.PNG  7 Arianna Jopling Pic.jpg arrott.jpg 7 Ashely Flores Pic.jpg
                   Abby Chapin                   Alex Coe                    Alex Little               Arianna Jopling             Arrott Smith                 Ashley Flores​

 carley.jpgclaire.jpgcato.jpg7 Grace Wedding Pic.jpghank.jpgI MCINTOSH pic2.JPG jade.jpg
     Carley Cooper​       Claire Frankenfield Catherine O'Brien        Grace Wedding            Hank Howard​            Ike McIntosh               Jade Brown​

            katie.jpg  K SUN pic.jpg  ld.jpg  luci.jpg  M PRUNEAU pic.jpg  michaela.jpg
                   Katie Evans                 Kim Sun                   Lauren Duncan               Luci Yang​              Madeline Pruneau​           Michaela Card 


    mike.jpg  mullen.jpg  payne.jpg russell.PNGryan.jpgsavannah 2.jpg sohpie ann.jpg                Mike DeLisle              Mullen Corbin             Payne Wissler​       Russell Davies​    Ryan Waddell​     Savannah Bottorff         Sophie Laughlin





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