Base Camp Staff

Summer​ ​2020
​Interns ​May 6 - August 12
​Summer Staff ​Session 1: May 23 - July 1
Session 2: July 1 - August 12
Work Crew​ ​Session 1: May 23 - June 20
Session 2: June 20 - July 18
Session 3: July 18 - August 12
Intern Program
Summer interns play a critical role in the basecamp operations and overall ministry of Wilderness Ranch. Below are the positions available this summer.

To apply, fill out the summer intern application.

Position Description
Head Cook Responsible for supervising Assistant Cook summer staff in the kitchen, preparing base camp meals, camper meals, etc.
Food Packer ​Responsible for supervising Baker & Food Packing summer staff in the kitchen, preparing and packaging camper meals for backpacking and houseboat trips, etc.
Retail / Cabin Host
Responsible for supporting our cabin guests and overseeing the retail store and snack bar at camp. Also responsible for supervising the Laundry / Snack bar summer staff.
Maintenance Manager Responsible for coordinating and overseeing base camp operations. Also responsible for supervising summer staff and in-camp guides on base camp projects and operations.

Summer Staff

This is the volunteer experience for those who have completed at least one year of college (or are of college or post-college age). Wilderness Ranch offers summer staff the opportunity to go on the trail, if they so choose. For a list of summer staff positions, reference the table below.

 To apply, fill out the summer staff application.

Assistant Maintenance Manager
Assist in maintaining the physical camp property, camp vehicles, and various basecamp operations. Work with the other summer staff and in-camp guides on base camp projects.
Laundry / Snackbar
Provide clean laundry for basecamp families, back-to-back guides, camp items and linens for Lower Village cabins. Operate and manage the snack bar. Clean and organize the laundry and snack bar areas.
Assistant Cook Assist the Head Cook in their daily responsibilities, including meal preparations for base camp meals and camper meals.
Baker Assist the Food Packing Intern with the baking duties for both trail food and in-camp meals.
Food Packer Assist the Food Packing Intern with preparing and packaging camper meals for backpacking and houseboat trips.
Equipment Room Manager Maintain and ensure the quality of the backpacking equipment and to facilitate its use by the campers. E.R. Manager is to keep track of gear inventory, repair gear when possible, and instruct campers on how to care for their gear.

Work Crew

This is a great volunteer experience for those who are in high school. To be eligible you must have completed one year of high school and your local area's work crew training course. The work crew serve in a number of ways including pits, cleaning camp vehicles, etc. Contact your local area director if you are interested in applying for work crew.
For more information, contact your local Young Life office.


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